Vrac environnement - groupe d'action et de recherche en développement durable



Founded in January of 2008, Vrac environnement is a non-profit organisation aiming to sustain environmental development within the district Parc-Extension, Montreal. The organisation coordinates initiatives in an environmental matter. From 2008 to 2018 VE has managed the city program Eco-quartier of Parc-Extension.

Vrac environnement concerns all citizens in the district, whether adult, child, university student, with our varying programs and projects. Little by little we have decided to widen our horizons by expanding these projects to wherever the need is felt in Montreal, particularly in areas that do not benefit from organisations working for the environment.

Our Mission

Vrac environment is an organisation in which the ultimate goal is to improve the quality of life for those living in Montreal by supporting practices of sustainable development in the city.

Objectives :

  • To realise and favour projects meeting the needs of citizens
  • To develop relations with organisations throughout the city concerning the improvement of our environment
  • Take action in regards to sustainable development
  • To support environmental research in developing innovative modes of intervention


  • Éco-quartier Parc-Extension
  • Techno-Écolo
  • Quartier vert
  • Education (citizen & environmental)
  • Eco store