Vrac environnement - groupe d'action et de recherche en développement durable

Quartiers 21

Understanding project Parc-Extension: Meeting in active transport!

April 2005, the first strategic plan of sustainable development in the community of Montreal was adopted. Its orientation aiming to ¨Ensure the quality of life for district residents¨ came to a reality, thanks to the many successful pilots projects put on by Quartier 21.

Since 2011, Vrac environnement has coordinated a Quartier 21 project in Parc-Extension which contributes to the implementation of a part of the Quartier vert plan, active and healthful. This project will be carried out primarily around the commercial artery of Jean Talon West. The objectives being the following:


Primary objective: To improve and better the offer of active transport to residents of Parc-Extension, children, adults and visitors of the southern sector.


Specific objectives:

  1. To contribute in improving connectivity and atmosphere in active transport paths.
  2. To improve meeting places.
  3. Describe and promote the offer of active transport in the community.
  4. To inform, sensitize and imply to tradesmen the offer of active transport, given the proximity of transport (local trade).
  5. To inform, educate and imply to residents and visitors of the district of the issues and simple solutions related to active transport.
  6. To ensure the security of active transport in major intersections (Ogilvy, Hutchison, Jean-Talon, Parc).
  7. Establish a cycling lane in Parc-Extension.
  8. Improve measures of calming traffic and circulation.

Our projects that have come to realization with Quartier 21: