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Éco-quartier of Parc-Extension is a program financed by the city of Montreal to see to the environmental needs within the district. Founded by the City of Montreal in 1995, the program Éco-quartier is a program set to anchor environmental action and sustainability into local areas in Montreal. This program was created with the intention of building eco-citizenship within the daily lives of Montrealers with a goal of improving the quality of life for the population through environmental action. The program Éco-quartier aims to see concrete planning and completion of projects that have been adapted to true needs and concerns of the population, with the direct participation of residents in the improvement of their living environment.

Four means of intervention characterized by Éco-quartier:

  • Cleanliness
  • Residual inventory management (3V-R)
  • Embellishment
  • Nature and landscaping in the city

Éco-quartier office:

  • Receive information and obtain documentation of on various environmental sets of themes
  • Pickup your first package of 10 clear recycling bags, free of charge!
  • Order your very own 360L recycling bin, free of charge!
  • Buy a composting bin or earthworm composting
  • Buy a 360L black, rolling waste bin
  • Bring us any dangerous domestic residues to be safely and environmentally disposed of (ex: batteries, cell phones, radio parts)


Our services are offered free of charge to all citizens in the district, including organisations, institutions and companies!


With two points of service we increase your accessibility to our services!

Éco-quartier Parc-Extention - 7003 Hutchison
Open Monday- Friday: 9am- 5pm
Weekends: Closed.

Boutique Bric à Vrac  -7000 avenue du Parc
Open Tuesday- Friday: 10am- 5pm
Weekends & Mondays: Closed.

The link bellow provides a list of all Éco-quartier locations in Montreal.

Liste des éco-quartiers montrélais