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Quartiers verts- Active and Healthful

Quartier vert- active and healthful

Following an advisory and concerted approach, Vrac environnement and the Urban Ecology Center of Montreal have proposed improvements in urban development in order to support active transport (walking, biking, etc) in the southern sector of the district Parc-Extension.

Project objectives:

  • To increase the quality of life of the inhabitants in the district
  • To show that it is possible to arrange districts favourable to active transport
  • To stimulate the ongoing public debate on reserved space for active and collective transport from an urban point of view.

Click on the links bellow to access the Quartier Vert plan for Parc-Extension or watch the following videos:

Bilan 2010-2012 du Plan Quartier vert, actif et en santé de Parc-Extension

Démarche Quartier vert dans Parc-Extension

Lancement du Plan Quartier vert dans Parc-Extension

Présentation du Plan Quartier vert de Parc-Extension