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The trotters of Parc-Extension follow their route towards Barthélemy-Vimont school and now to Barclay school by foot!

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The walking group of Barclay school is now in action! The Tottibus committee however, is always looking for walking volunteers. With this new group, Trottibus has expanded from the original participant, Barthélemy-Vimont school, who has participated for one year and a half now.

The Trottibus is a pedestrian school bus that follows a predetermined route and stops at planned locations. It permits primary students to walk as a group to school in a secure, supervised environment. Functioning as a school bus would, only all by foot!

*Trottibus is a one-way route to school, unfortunately there is no afternoon Trottibus*

Why Trottibus?

- Encouraging physical activity in everyday life

- To alllow social encounters every morning before school

- Reduce vehicle traffic near primary schools

- To ensure safe travels on the way to school

Interested in becoming a volunteer 1- 5 weekday mornings?

Contact: Noémie Ashby at 514-270-4049 or nashby@vracenvironnement.org

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